Thank You

Lovely little sunrise lights the lovely little land
I don’t think the sun changed, I just altered where I stand
And all the hurt and suffering and loneliness are gone
And life’s a game, and when you win, I get to sing my songs


Took me a little time to trust that you wouldn’t do me in
I had grounds to be resigned, where should I begin
But when I closed my eyes and took a step into the dark
I found a world just as scared as me, with just as big a heart


So tell me what you see in me and I’ll say what I see in you
And I ain’t gonna let you play small, cause those are your big shoes
And I’ll ignore my little demon voice, and I’ll hear just what you see
And thank you all for listening, it means the world to me
And thank you all for listening, it means the world to me

So when the world is burning up and the sky is falling down
You can count on me for life and love if you lose your little crown
So in this all-too-earnest game of life, take a chance and roll the die
A lovely life is likely lived one second at a time

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A little history:

Written as a thank-you to a group of people that changed how I saw myself and the world.