Ten Thousand Wheels

Little lady
How do you do
I’m right on schedule
Eight fifty-two
I’m a work of iron
Just like the man of steel
I got dozens of colors
And ten thousand wheels

Oh I’m drivin’
With a full head ‘o steam
I’m coming round your bend
And onto your scene
If you got the courage
Then raise your hand
But if not I’m off to
Another land

And no, I won’t slow down
Cause I belong in no town
And I got the need to blow ‘round
And oh, oh

Out in the open
Makin’ my clouds
Give me the space and I’ll go
Ten thousand miles
Travel the country
A time or two
And then I’m off
To the skies of blue

Out, out, out in the open
Making my clouds
Give me the space
And I’ll take ten thousand lines
I’ll take you out to the mountains
I’ll take you out to sea
I’ll take you take you anywhere
If I am free

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A little history:

Somebody told me I reminded them of a train.  So I thought about it for a year and wrote a song.