Grow, grow, grow, my little flower
Lift your head, and turn to the sun
And slow, slow, slow, you feel your roots growin’
You’ll be tall and pretty, if you just let it come

Little flower, sitting on a little hill
Little flower, won’t you tell me what you feel
Little flower, you’re stuck in April’s chill

And all you hear is the other flowers say
“I see so much today”
And all you wanna do is smile and proclaim, “Me too”

And then you ask me
Where do the cars go on the street
And then you tell me
You think the rain is bittersweet
And little flower,
You just need two little feet
To give you “hope”
To give you “faith”
To give you what you think you need

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A little history:

Some people make fun of this song...but it's one of my faves. Written about a friend that was struggling through some hard times.