Rejection Number Three

Eating krispies, talking small
Missed your party, didn’t call
So I gave it half a year
And that has made it crystal clear

Wrote you a song, and then I played
And what I felt, it hasn’t changed
We got a pickle, grabbed a show
I took a fancy, took you home

And I shoulda known it’d come to this
Cause I wanna stay your only kiss
I gave you two shots, you gave me one
Something’s wrong by my equation
Your logic’s fine, but I hope you see
You know yourself but you don’t know me
But if you have to, then let it be
Cause you are worth rejection number three

Ain’t no sense in what you say
You come on strong, you back away
Hot and cold, and in between
Pretty girl, that’s you and me


Running out of summer, and we’re running into fall
You’re always the one that says that you enjoy my calls
I am not the only one that will not shut the door, no, no
I am not the only one, anymore



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A little history: about a math teacher girlfriend of ages past.  Can you see it in the lyrics?