Cataclysmic flyin’ on this grand ‘ole sea
Sky-tryin’ is more than it is cracked up to be
Superman, I bet he’s seen his share of mountain peaks
But who would have known how it would feel to jump and see

I am doing what I’ve never done before
I am flyin’ through your window, I am flying out your door
And all those big ‘ole clouds that once stood over me
They are dancin’ in the moonlight, they are swayin’ with the trees

And all the people, everywhere, they’re clamoring to see
Is it a bird, is it a train?—no, no, it’s me!
From the mountain to the forest, and the highway to the streams
I see people dancing, I can hear the jubilee

And all those people, yeah, they all should be in bed
But they’re like sand upon the beaches, and they’re laughing off their heads
Little boy says, “Daddy, oh, I cannot see him yet”
He says, “Look up in the moonshine, you can see his silhouette”



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A little history:

This incorporates ideas and elements from almost every track on the CD.  It ties 'em all together.