It All Comes Around

So now that I’ve got you, and now that you’re free
Could I ask you a question that’s been bothering me
I’m sitting here thinking, as you hear me sing
How much life should I put to a dream?

I’ve still got some time now where I can turn back
To safety, and respect, and money, and yeah
All roads lead to Rome, man, but what they don’t tell,
Is that one may be glorious, and the other one hell

But I can’t help but laugh to the world
Though I can never be sure
The song I sing will be honored or favored
When I walk out of that door
And two little hands keep on spinnin’ me like mad
Ain’t no telling me where I’ll come down
But I'm smiling and crying and I’ll laugh when I’m dying
Because it all comes around

Vision to see what the eagles can feel
Tempered by life into galvanized steel
Oh, I am the writer, and I hear the song
I play the music, and I sing along

Once I was told not to challenge the flames
You’ll never get burned, no, you’ll never feel pain
But funny, we’re drawn back again and again
Entirely healed, but never the same


So is there a god here, and where does he play
And is there rhyme or reason to these seconds and days
They say, follow your dreams, son,
And you’ll starve your kids
But we’ve got too much bread
And noone dying to live
For all that I don’t know,
I know I don’t
Just let me believe


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A little history:

This song took a long time to complete.  Written about a lot of things that happened over a lot of years that have shaped who I am today.