I Would Rather Be Lonely

Did you know I would rather be lonely
Than be misunderstood
Sunset is dawning, and I find myself longing
For my cabin deep down in the woods
Good luck to you navigating the trails
It’s littered by good intentions and hopes to prevail
And yes, I hear you tromping in my garden today
Please won’t you go away

Cause I am quite capable
Of doing this on my own
I’m learning the silence is more bearable
Than the ramblings of those who don’t know
And no, I’m not saying that I know it all
But sure-fire wisdom is chinking these walls
All I want is consideration, all I ask is peace
Please take your trails and leave

For I would rather be lonely than misunderstood
I could tell you for hours, but I doubt it’d do any good
Cause you have a hard time hearing what I don’t have to say
And my wood might not understand me
But that doesn’t mean that I’m misunderstood

I would rather be lonely
I would rather be lonely
I would rather be
I would rather be me

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A little history:

One of those "everyone leave me alone" days.