I Think

I think I saw flowers in the window
I think I saw a million colors in the sky
I think I saw the sunset splendor
I think I saw a bluebird flying my way

I think I heard music in your laughter
I never knew that I could hear music that way
I think I heard a thousand songs—I think they’re lullabies
I think I heard sounds of summertime

And I think and I felt and I don’t believe my senses betray me

I think I felt your tears, I think I felt a little of your pain
I think I felt your smile and I could not say anything
I think I felt your touch so much deeper than my skin
I think I felt something unconditional

I think I’ve longed for your taste I think it’s lived with me
Don’t ask me to explain that

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A little history:

One of my most artistic tunes, by my estimation.  It's so hard to know stuff when your heart is involved.