How Many

How many times must a rock tumble
Until the edges are gone
How many yeses, how many nos, how many maybes
To tell right from wrong
How many sunrises, how many sunsets
Before light overshadows hope
How many questions, ask me
I don’t know

One day I was walkin’
Talkin’ to the Lord
I said, “I don’t know what you’re thinking,
But I think you know I’m on board”
He looked at me, he said “Son,
Do you wanna know my plan?”
I looked at him and whispered
“No, I think you understand”

Cause what I can’t see I can feel
And when I can’t feel I’ve got my knees
And for all the time in the middle
I’m just learning to believe
And wouldn’t you say the sun is shining brighter today
Than it has in years
It ain’t bringing answers,
But it sure is wipin’ away my fears

How many times must we stumble
Until we can see through ourselves
How long till transparency brings into view
The views of Somebody else
How long till we learn to climb and to shine
With the time of our lives
And tender up our worries
Somewhere between earth and sky

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A little history:

Questions, questions, questions, and so few answers.  I was up on a mountain as I wrote this tune, and two deer came up about 30 feet away and listened for a few minutes as I played.