Hide 'n Seek

If I run and if I hide
Will you come and find me
And if you’re sure it’s me you’re looking for
Close your eyes and count away

One and two they all run from you
But not too quiet, not too far
Three and four and then some more
And I sit silent all alone

But don’t get too close or I’ll run
I’m not so sure that this is fun
But ready or not, here you come
Is it me you seek?

Nine and ten you drop your hands
You look in bushes, look in trees
You draw near and I think you hear
My thoughts or my hopes or my dreams

I can’t help that I’m tired of “the game”
I’ve played too many games alone
But though I run, I hope you know
It doesn’t mean I don’t want you to come

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A little history:

It's amazing how misery can inspire great music!  We've all been down this road before...I don't need to explain this one.