Guy Song

So I’ve been told
That I write too many songs about the women-folk
And who am I to disagree
Cause you see
I’ve written plenty of songs
But benefits never last too long
And I’m just as far behind
As a man that don’t play or sing

And it’s times like these
That I realize
I can hang with the guys
Cause there ain’t no politics
Ain’t no guilt trips
Ain’t no wonderin’ what you did wrong
The boys don’t care if you call
They’re always up for a game of ball
And all they really need is food, that’s all
And that’s why I sing my song
To the boys

Confused man, I am
When they use what they call the “subtle hint”
“It’s cold outside,” or “I got nothin’ to do,
How ‘bout you”
I didn’t really get what you implied
I’m not that complex, you see, I am a guy
But I get that sinkin’ feelin’ inside
I lost another point or two

Girls have got their mood swings
Among the “other things”
And they say “Do I look fat?”
How in tarnation do you answer that?!
And they like to dance
And they like romance
My head is spinning, I don’t stand a chance

So I’m not saying
That we should give up on the women-folk
They’re kinda fun, and they’re kinda cute
But shoot
When you wanna watch a game all night
Or arm wrestle or chug or get away from a fight
Or if you just wanna be with the guys
You can know what to do

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A little history:

I had two girl friends call up on the same night.  I wasn't especially interested in either of them, and I really didn't feel like doing anything that night.  I did a bad job of getting out of the situations, but my guitar offered a respite from the imminent guilt that would soon follow.