Fat Man Dancing

Why is it that you like the fat man dancin’
Shakin’ all his wiggles gotta be so entrancin’
If I don’t know better, I’d say you are romancin’,
Getting jiggy wi da jumbotron

I buy your ticket so you can watch the game
But betrayin’, now you playin’ for another brother’s flame
Betcha honey, betcha money that his momma’s so lame
But ya can’t even hear me, girl, you got no shame!

He got mo belly than he got brain
But he got da moves dat drivin’ you insane
Gonna take him out and take away his fame
But splat look at dat he lay me flat like a train

He gotta twinkie but I doubt he share it
Only thing he dare to spare is healthy carrot
Ain’t no food in Africa, he grin and bear it
There he go, uh oh, oh no his belt, he tear it

Rub-a-dub dub dub dub dubby-dub
Why you want a man with so much chubby chub
Get a man like him, you get a stubby stubby hubby hub
Hafta wheel the scrub in a tub tub tubby-tub

I’m gonna get me fat, lotsa eggs and bacon
Get a tight little shirt look at my tummy shakin’
Gonna get so plump you have a Great Awakenin’
But why ain’t it enough that I’m the great white Jamaican?

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