Don't Make Sense To Me

You’re blonde, not brown
Your eyes are not supposed to be blue
You run, you dance
You even have a cell phone too
You dress in orange
You say all the same lines I do
You’re not my type
But that don’t seem to bother you

But oh I’ll run I’ll dance I’ll do anything
To get your hand in mine to get you to see
A million reasons won’t be enough for me
And then I scratch my head it don’t make sense to me

You don’t like sweets
You like to be in bed by ten
Random’s your middle name
lol you talk in msn
You like classical and jazz
And you really don’t watch much tv
You’re not my type
But that don’t seem to bother me

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep tonight
It’s 5pm I’m calling you tonight
In my mind
From 5 to 5 to 5 it don’t seem right
And I’m wonderin’ what you think tonight

You want dinner and a show
You say awkward I say I guess so
You’re usually on time
You always have to study oh
I feel like a little boy
And I really don’t know what to do
You’re not my type
But I can’t get enough of you

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A little history:

It had been a long time since I had liked a girl.  I finally liked one, and I was so elated to find I was still human that I wrote a song.