Mornin’ sugar, lookin’ awful sweet
Can you hear the birdies singin’ spring is tweet tweet tweet
You are delicious from your head to your feet
Mmm mmm

When you walk you do the woman thang
And when you walk I watch and I just like that swang
A deeder dotten deeden deeder dang
Whatever that means

Why do I let myself fall
It seems I was not guarding at all-
right, just this once
Why I did I ever call that night?
In my mind, I didn’t know you, you were safe, that was sooo bright
Eyes, swoonin’ ain’t for guys, but girl, you ain’t supposed to be so nice
to meet you

Never thought that I would be like this
But really, dear, all that I want is one more kiss
Oh I’m a total fruit and this is total bliss
Yeah, yeah

I’m screaming mercy at the top of my lungs
Release me please, I beg, just tell me how many songs
But hold on just a second this is so much fun
Yeah, I’m going cross-eyed



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A little history:

Hear the handclaps?  The girl I wrote this about is clapping!  Along with my brother, that is.  Funny thing is, we weren't dating anymore at this point.  Kinda awkward!  And so very, very funny.